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Please - ask a How To question(!)

Foody4life | Oct 5, 201508:20 AM     9

(previously posted within another Site Feedback thread)

If you're confused with how to navigate, search, post etc ... ask a 'How To' question.

Most how to's are answered quickly and what was thought to be not possible ... is possible.

Unfortunately, many how to's are buried in Site Feedback threads or within various regional boards and not titled How To(!):


It'd be nice if the mods added a 'How To' tag that would make the thread active in the Live Feed.


That way all users could see the discussion without having to know to look on Site Feedback. Most info is available in the FAQ section, but no one seems to want to read them.

Yeh the rollout was rough, especially for iProducts and users of older hardware / OS, but most of the features from the old site are now (or soon to be) available on the new site ... within the community + tag architecture.

Boards are tags and instead of posting 'on' a regional or topical board, you post 'in' a community 'with' a tag(s). Follow communities or tags of interest and you have instant access to your old feeds.

Adding multiple tags to a new thread is more efficient than cross posting on the old site. ex: I'm driving from NYC to Miami, where in Baltimore should I stop for crab, in VA for dinner, in GA for lunch and in Daytona Beach for dinner?

Now one post 'on' Restaurant & Bars 'with' [Trip Planning], [Baltimore], [VA], [GA] and [Daytona Beach] tags allows anyone following any of those locations to reply to you. You don't have to follow any of those locations as clicking on your avatar will bring up your profile and your posts along with any new replies.

Really not a difficult site to nav. If anything, CH's mobile format on Android is one of the cleanest and easiest to navigate.

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