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foodlovergeneral | Nov 16, 2012 05:21 PM

I had a very mediocre lunch with my Chinese wife, and decided not to go back. Then a Beijinger-experts on dumplings-said, "pretty good dumplings-acceptable by Chinese standards-mabye best in Montreal". So i went back without my wife. Someone posted a review a year or so ago saying that the food was going downhill. I visited the Chinatown location for lunch today upon my Beijing friends recommendation.


GOOD: I had the lamb dumplings-excellent dough. Insides were a little bit low quality ingredients. I loved the springy texture of the dough wrappings very much. The pickled daikon before the meal was good and fresh, and lightly pickled in a pleasant way. I loved that the food is made to order. Dovetails with my sensiblities

BAD: The soup-free with the lunch-was miso based soup-not Chinese-but Japanese. Very very bad quality compared to real Japanese miso soup, but I tend to by hypercritical when people try to replicate cuisine of another culture sloppily. Real miso soup is wonderful and healthy. This was not that. I am not even sure if they used dashi or even instant dashi mix. Dashi is such an amazing and magical basis for Japanese food. But I don't usually love it when without rhyme or reason, a Japanese dish shows up in a Chinese restaurant.

If I go back for dinner, I want to try the bones with brown sauce-what a name-I suspect it's oxtail with a hong shao style sauce, but I will drag my wife in and find out. I love well prepared Chinese take on braised oxtail.

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