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Please put back "last updated by" in restaurant records

rworange | Jan 4, 201008:04 AM

There seem to be a number of problems with the Restaurant database. It is difficult to tell and report back here what is going wrong ... application or poster.

While I realize the history would only be who or what last updated the record, it might be kinder to the limited time of Chow and Chowhound to be able to report an error if there was some clue where it originated instead of reporting what may or may not be an error and asking the Chow team to research it.

If running a monthly update program it would be nice to have a "last updqted by application" (you provide a better word) rather than "last updated by "Chow" or "Chowhound team"

It gets really,really discouraging to put in updates only to find them wiped out. I'm talking about hours or website ... so nothing that would be removed from Chow for being inappropriate.

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