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Purple Artichoke report


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Purple Artichoke report

MV | Sep 2, 2005 01:20 PM

I picked up some purple artichokes at trader joes on a whim a couple of days ago and made them last night.

First I trimmed the outer leaves and stem as you would a regular artichoke. I then rubbed any trimmed parts with a lemon half to prevent oxidation. When i cut it in half i discovered that there was virtually no choke. I scraped out what little choke there was and rubbed the halves with lemon too. I then placed the halved artichokes in a bamboo steamer and let steam on medium heat for around 35 minutes.

While this was cooking i made the dipping sauce. I sliced three cloves of garlic very thin which i added to half a stick of sweet butter while it was melting. I then proceeded to cook this covered on the lowest setting on the range. Once the butter was melted i added freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. I let this cook for about twenty five minutes until the artichokes were ready. about a minute or so before i took it off the heat i added one tbs fresh lemon juice, about a half tbs chopped fresh parsley, a little more pepper, a dash of crystal hot sauce and a dash of worsteshire.

The artichokes were cooked perfectly. We dipped the outer leaves in the sauce, then the hearts. There was a subtle difference in taste between green and purple artichokes. Im not sure if i would have even noticed it had i not known they were purple it was that subtle. The sauce though which i had never made before worked perfectly with it. The garlic which was cooked slow and low developed a roasted quality that was so good i wish i made more. My g/f and i almost had a fight over it. We both put it on our salmon and the lemony buttery flavour worked really well with that too.

I think i am going to get the purple variety more often. it is easier to work with and from what i have read is healthier. As for the sauce i now have another staple sauce to use with seafood and vegetables.

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