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pure.....and not so simple


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pure.....and not so simple

djk | Jun 30, 2004 03:38 PM

i noticed that there's a very articulate positive review of pure food and wine if you scroll down a bit (i think it's on the 24th or so?) but i've chosen to make a new posting so that the lazier reader can be forewarned. as i was grazing at the table - the food being what it is, i thought that if i ended up posting, all that i would want to say would be......great music and loved my glass of a new zealand pinot noir. and that would be it. because that's all i loved.

then i thought....oh, but i should probably say something about the food, something that might better express the essence for anyone else i figured that i would add a bit to my post - grassy and nutty.

i think this place is summed up completely by saying that the atmosphere is very nice, great garden (tho i didn't get to sit there), fun and dine-able music, and food fit for a pony. don't get me wrong, i really like raw food and was looking very forward to eating here having already been a moderate fan of the chef...but...i thought every dish tasted exactly the same. the "tricks" as they have often been referred to are just complicated efforts at playing interesting. a dining partner said that at least it was conveniently located near the farmer's market so all one has to do is run over, grab some vegetables and a cleaver - plate and serve. it was better than that, there is real thought behind it, i'm just not sure to what end.

the waitstaff/hosts kind of display the eagerness of what i imagine the kitchen and entertainment staff at a summer camp for the teen version of up with people would be like. tripping over themselves with declaratives about how this experience would solve all one's culinary desires (really!) and what a delicious event we were all headed for etc etc. when we left, and the hostess/host asked what we thought, i told them the truth. the gentleman asked what dishes were ordered and after i listed each one he said......oh, those are the worst one's on the menu. now i didn't get the summer truffle "pasta" which he exclaimed over but i find it odd to be pushing and selling and then backpeddle so flagrantly when push came to pure shove.

do what you must - go and try the "better" dishes, maybe some of you will choose with more aplomb than we did but until great news is passed along, i will be happy that we headed for mr dennehy's on carmine street for veggie burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches with mojitos.

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