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Protocol for new poster?

kathryn-nc | Oct 22, 2004 07:50 PM

Hello, chowhounds. I just found this board while googling "knorr mole sauce" and am entranced. I couldn't find the protocol for a new poster, so I figured I'd just introduce myslf.

I had no idea I was a chowhound instead of a foodie. Anytime a friend goes on a trip, the first thing I ask is "what was the food like?" I live in rural NC, so options for interesting food are kind of slim (unless I do it myself).

I am married to a great guy who describes my cooking as either "good!" or "real good!" so I don't get to discuss nuances of flavor very often.

I am most familiar with great places to eat in Negril,JA, but I try to scope out cool food experiences pretty much anywhere I go (places that will share recipes get extra points with me, as do places that let guests take a peek in the kitchen to observe equipment and technique).

My current tasting goal is mead, just available in our area. My next attempt at duplicating a recipe will be scallops in Drambuie-citrus sauce.

I look forward to reading and posting about great food and wine.

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