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Help With Proper Rice Flour For Korean Tteok/Tteokbokki?!

mrstimelord | Sep 14, 2016 09:34 AM

Hey there Chowhound community,

I'm having some trouble making Korean tteok/rice cakes (the oval and cylindrical shaped ones) and I'm thinking that it might be the type of rice flour that I'm using. I know that one is not supposed to use glutinous rice flour for makking tteok for tteokbokki/tteokguk (at least I don't think so)...so at least I can knock that out.

I usually buy the Erawan brand rice flour because it's almost always on sale and easy to get my hands on (I've provided a link to an image of it). I'm not entirely sure what type of rice is in it be it short grain or long grain.

Could someone advise me on what type and brand of rice flour to use to make tteok? Would the Erawan brand work or am I using the wrong kind?

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