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Proper martini glasses

LES_Crawler | Mar 31, 200802:48 PM

Not to get too off-topic, but I was under the impression that the martini glasses at Pegu are the "right" size, and that the gargantuan, triangular fishbowls at most places are a relatively recent innovation, a bit like a gin Big Gulp.

Not trying to start anything, because I'm genuinely curious: but is a proper martini supposed to be served in a smaller glass? Personally, I prefer a smaller glass for a martini because nothing to me is grosser than that final inch of gin and vermouth that hits room temperature and is always left staring up at me from the bottom of the big glass no matter how fast I pack my martini away. The smaller glasses - no such problem. But which is officially "correct"? Or does that concept not apply here?

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