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How to pronouce hamentaschen and find a good version?

rworange | Mar 19, 200812:27 PM

There is a little discussion about the sorry state of hamentaschen on the SF Board.

It is that triangular Jewish cookie filled with poppyseed or fruit preserves. Wiki says it can also be filled with cheese or even caramel ... hmmm, sounds good

First how is in pronouced? Webster gives two versions. Interpreting what the dictionary says

I never knew there were two types ... according to this old Chowhound post there are ""yeast hamantashen" vs "cookie hamantashen"

I think I've only had the cookie version. What makes the cookie great in either category.

Good goy that I am, I never knew there was a religious significance and it was associated with Purim. I just thought they tasted good. I'm a fan of the prune or apricot myself.


Hmmm ... never knew about fazuelos. Will have to keep an eye open for them.

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