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Proliferation of Asian buffets...


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Proliferation of Asian buffets...

cgarner | Sep 28, 2010 07:31 AM

Is food oft served in buffet style restaurants in Asian Countries?
I am wondering why I am seeing such a proliferation of buffets with Asian style food.

In the area in which Ilive there are two Japanese/sushi buffets (food's not bad) TONS of "Chinese" buffets... I use that term in quotes, because most of the food is no more Chinese than I am (do Chinese people really eat shrimp smothered in Mayonaise sauce?)

We've been to a few of these places.. one in our area is frequented by many different cultures of Asians and their food is reflective of that, and they do a really good job of putting out fresh, tasty offerings

Most of the places have stuff like the aforementioned offending shrimp... or "apple pie" which is some gloppy apple goo in a poor excuse for flaky pastry sitting under a hot lamp for goodness knows how long!

Is it just our area (Southeast PA) that has so many of them or are they cropping up alot where you are?

Do you find the food to be sub-par for the most part?

What do you think that says about what the owners of these places think about how & what Americans eat?

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