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for Professor Salt: Your WSM Experience

adamclyde | Nov 10, 200409:53 AM

Hey there prof. This is in response to your post on the Not about Food Board ([BROKEN LINK REMOVED]), where you talked about your first experience with your Weber Smokey Mountain... I was responding on that board, then realized it should be here... so here's my post:

Professor Salt:
As a fellow novice (actually I haven't even bought my WSM yet), a quick question. How did you handle the fuel maintenance for your pulled pork? Did you do the minion method, where you pour lighted charcoal on a load of unlit coal? How long did a single load of coal last? did you use briquettes or lump coal? how long did your pulled pork take? What was your experience with keeping a constant temp on your WSM?

I know these kinds of things are discussed ad nauseum on the RBJB and VWB forums, but I'm looking for a fellow novice' perspective...

Thanks in advance. Say hi to the homeland (SoCal) for me.

- Adam

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