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what produce should I buy organic?


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what produce should I buy organic?

Mary Shaposhnik | Apr 30, 2001 12:10 PM

In the last few years, I've started buying more organic foods. But I really don't make much money, so it's not yet feasible for me to buy all organic produce (or to spend all weekend on the subway in search of cheap produce). For those of you who are neither all- or no-organic, how do you choose and why? How do we get the most bang for our organic $$?

My current thinking is basically this:

--Strawberries are the only food that I insist be organic (I love 'em, so it was a great personal tragedy to learn of their high pesticide loads). As I add more soy to my diet, I am trying to keep it organic too. And although it's not produce, I now buy only organic chickens, since my health concerns have a lot to do with added hormones, etc.

--As for other foods, my practice is to buy organic randomly; my theory is to go organic on those with the highest chemical residues after washing (although I suppose there is an argument that small amounts of residue in foods you eat very often are worse, over time, than large amounts in a food you eat rarely). Most lists seem to have berries, peaches, certain grapes and cherries but I am not sure which, bell peppers, spinach and potatoes as high-load crops; apples too, but I think that can be dealt with by peeling. Any others?

--And then there is taste--I bought some organic carrots and parsley and oh my--they tasted AMAZING.

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