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A Problem with Pomaireware Clay Pots

FNS | Dec 21, 200912:17 PM

Okay. I’ve been reading about how metal cookware can be harmful to your health. I have decided to buy some alternative cookware that does not pose a health danger. After reading and investigating, it looked like Pomaireware was a good option. I went ahead and ordered two clay pots, each one being 1 quart. I paid $46 for both, meaning $23 per pot.

I just received the items today. And I found a problem with the pots. There is a strong glue/adhesive type of smell. I thought maybe this is just because they are new, and that after washing the pots the smell would go away. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case. After washing both pots and lids with baking soda, the adhesive-like smell is still there and is also very strong. So is Pomaireware using adhesives or glues when making these pots?

I called customer service and asked if any glue or adhesive is used. The person told me that the pots are made only from clay, with no glue or adhesive. And he told me that what I am smelling is a nasty odor. He recommended that I boil milk in the pot, and that this should make the smell go away. Isn’t this strange? Why would I have to boil milk to get rid of this odor?

Anyhow, the smell that I mentioned is strong. And I doubt that the representative was telling the truth when he told me that the pots are made only from clay. I cannot just go ahead and cook in these pots. I think I will just go ahead and return them and look for a better product. I pay $23 for a 1-quart pot, and now face the possibility of some toxic adhesive chemical seeping into my food. I would rather cook in my old cookware until I get a better product.

Has anyone experienced this problem with Pomaireware? Did you notice a glue-like smell in the pots?

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