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Q: pro technique to hold boiled potatoes/pasta


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Q: pro technique to hold boiled potatoes/pasta

guglhupf | Feb 21, 2002 09:24 AM

We are having a party Saturday night. I made beef gulash from 15lbs of shin yesterday (Anybody who hasn't tried that for stews that slowly cook for a long time should, it's far superior to any other cut for the purpose. The meat does not get stringy, even after 10 hours+ of simmering and all the connective tissue melts away leaving you with a thick creamy stew, no flour required).
It's not a set dinner, so people are going to come and go at different times. I want to serve boiled potatoes and broad egg noodles with the gulash. I will have to boil them in batches, and I have no idea how restaurants hold large amounts of potatoes or pasta. It should be a method I can replicate at home without having to buy a holding cabinet or such. The potatoes seem easier, I could just hold them covered in the oven at 160F but the pasta (sticking ...)?

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