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Prince Restaurant: the best Cantonese food in NY


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Prince Restaurant: the best Cantonese food in NY

newsjoke | Aug 14, 2005 08:31 AM

Hi all,

I'm a "semi-regular" on the Manhattan board, but now that my girlfriend is working in downtown Flushing (as I did years ago, before Chowhound even existed), I'll probably be showing up here from time-to-time.

Anyway, after recent trips sampling a few decent but less than--truly-memorable Flushing places, last night we went to "Prince Restaurant" (37-17 Prince St., across from Lai Food-- which was closed, by the way). I remember this place from years ago, when I think it was called something-Seafood House, and was always pretty good. However, I couldn't find ANY references to it here on Chowhound under this name.

Yy girlfriend (who's originally from Taiwan) and I both agree that last night, at least, it was just stupendously good. Think Great NY Noodletown-- my favorite Cantonese place in Manhattan-- with the cooking taken to a higher level (not to mention the ambience, but THAT wouldn't be too tough!) and that's what you've got here.

We started with something called "Garlic Squid in Hong Kong Harbor Style," which was a deliciously crispy platter similar to a well-prepared salt-baked squid, but instead of salt, the predominant flavors were garlic, a dash of hot red pepper and a sweet flavor I couldn't identify.

Next we had a bowl of shark's fin soup with a broth that was subtley fragrant, complex and delicious (which is my way of saying "I have no idea exactly what was in there, but man, you could tell they used a tiny bit of a lot of different stuff!").

We then had the "Chicken with Glazed Walnuts," which I was afraid might be very sweet, but with the exception of the (sugary) nuts wasn't sweet at all, and had some sort of a tasty white sauce on it. (We requested all white-meat, by the way; I'm not sure if this is how they normally do it.)

Finally, we had something called "Ground Pork with Salted Fish," which at first blush tasted a bit weird (I think it was the overwhelming flavor of "fish sauce"), but the more we ate, the more addictively good it became.

Meanwhile, the much deeper-pocketed couple at the table next to us was having a superb-looking feast of steamed giant crab, a "special" shark's fin soup, and what I think was a sea cucumber dish, whereby they brought the "cucumber" (a couple of pounder) out whole to show it to them, then prepared it chopped up in some kind of a great-looking white sauce.

Has anyone else tried this place recently? (As I said at the beginning, I couldn't find it mentioned when I did a search.)

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