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Saddleoflamb | Feb 2, 2009 04:47 AM

Went to Whole Paycheck to pickup a six of Bell's Hopslam.(first place locally to get it in )...among other items.
Was preoccupied when checking out and didn't pay attention to , at least the six's, price.......Went back several days later , because I really enjoyed this limited release, and had a case of sticker shock......$16.99 per six at WF's and $17.99 at another specialty beer mart........
I would have definately purchased a six to experience/try this well made ale, and I am an admitted Hop Head.......however was curious as to the pricing of beers such as the Bell's Hopslam, Stone Ruination.........many of the Rogues (few of which I've tried)........
How much has to do with the copious amounts of Hops, limited releases, exclusivity....mystique (real or contrived).....or is it a combination of all of the above, and is there a ceiling somewhere where you say I just can't imagine dropping X amount of coin on a six?
Thanks for any feedback/thoughts.
Also when picking up a six of the new (for me) SN Torpedo and a six of Stone IPA, I had a vendor approach me to sing the praises of a Brewery called Founders.........any opinions and recs for well hopped brews would be appreciated.

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