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What pricey items are worth it?


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What pricey items are worth it?

Bkeats | Sep 6, 2012 07:56 AM

So there is a thread going on where the question is when is a cheaper version of a product as good or better than the pricey one. Got me thinking about what are items that are more expensive but worth it? Microplane graters for example. Not expensive outright but more than the typical grater, but its unbeatable. You can take a hunk of dried out parmesan cheese and turn it into a cloud of fluffy stuff. There’s my Japanese knife. Cost at least 3x any other knife I own, but the edge on it is amazing. Slices through anything like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Truffles. There is nothing that tastes like truffles (some I know are glad about that as not everyone loves them). If you want the flavor, you have to pay the piper. Scallops and shrimp – I love fresh scallops and wild shrimp and the good ones are always pricey. What else do you pay more for and are happy to do so?

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