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President's Choice Black Label

montrealeater | Mar 9, 2012 09:11 PM

I'm starting this thread due to a discussion of this new 'high end' line from PC in the avocado oil thread. I hit the Provigo at Parc and Sherbrooke today and picked up a bunch of items and am going to post here with my thoughts. I also want to hear from others who have tried this line - what you like, what you don't, general thoughts etc. I'll do a mini review of each product as I try them. And once again, despite my fascination with this brand, I don't work for them, know anyone who works for them, nor do I have any interest in being dishonest in these comments. So don't worry about that.

So today I tried:

Lucques olives - I saw these (not this brand) mentioned in another thread, so that convinced me to try them. The comment on flavour in the other thread was 'buttery' and yes, pretty much. I mean, these literally taste of butter to me. I LOVE them. They have mild olive taste and that butter thing going for them. They felt a tad unripe, but I have never tried these before, maybe they are meant to have a bit more bit than I am used to from jarred olives? Now I REALLY want to try the specific harvest ones people were raving about in the other thread. Big recommend on these.

Cream of Asparagus soup - MEH. Better than Campbell's, didn't come out of the can in a solid blob, but nothing too special. It DID taste of asparagus and had noticeable (slightly stringy for me) asparagua pieces. This wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Pea and Bacon soup - it's soup from a can, so it's never going to be as good as something...not from a can, but this IS by far the best pea soup I've had out of a can. It tastes of actual fresh peas, that's the main thing I liked about it.

pistachios - apart from the convenience of them being shelled, these were just normal pistachios (which I love) - they didnt taste or feel old at all, something I have sometimes noticed when buying nuts.

Marcona almonds - YUM. I've never had these before so it's probably just the almond itself, not the brand, but these are the best almonds I've ever had. To me they taste exactly like an almond/cashew hybrid and theyre softer than regular almonds too. I intend to make these a regular in my house.

Oh, and I DID get the avocado oil but havent tried it yet. Tons of other stuff, too, I went nuts. Bacon jam...hello.

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