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Preserved Vegetables for Hunan Cooking (SEA)

equinoise | May 19, 200809:42 PM

I, like others, I'm sure, have been cooking Hunan dishes out of Fuschia Dunlop's Revolutionary Chinese Cuisine, which has been a great book so far.

I need to get the preserved vegetables, which are called for in several dishes.

Pickled mustard greens, pao cai. She mentions a Thai brand sold in Chinese markets.
Preserved mustard greens, suan cai. She says these are very rare, at least in London, but "Tianjin preserved vegetable" is a substitute.
Preserved mustard tuber, zha cai. Sold as "Sichuan preserved vegetable".

I went to Uwajimaya and found only Camel brand preserved mustard greens, but these had chili oil and peanuts included, and I think that should be avoided.

Anyone got leads? I anticipate some mentions of Ranch 99, but I'd like to avoid near future travel to Lynnwood or Federal Way if I can. I realize this is a relatively arcane query, and I appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

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