General Discussion 2


robs911 | Jan 24, 2008 02:14 PM

Is it me or are our upscale restaurants getting carried away with “presentation”? I like a nice looking plate but is it necessary to build an art deco sculpture on my plate. Last Friday we went to an upscale seafood restaurant in downtown Toronto (I am new so not sure if it is polite to give the name). My plate came with the white asparagus atop the serving of mashed potatoes. Half balanced on this was the fish. The entire plate had an assortment of greens sticking up and looking quite artistic. But (big but) I did not want my asparagus covered in mashed potatoes. Thankfully the skin on the fish saved it from the same plight. I believe a plate can be presented professionally with out partnering our main course with side dishes. There was a famous seafood restaurant in Detroit (yes Detroit) called “Joe Muer’s” it won many national awards. Their fish came on a very hot plate all by it’s self. All side dishes were just that in their own dish on the side.

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