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Pregnant chowhound w/food aversions needs help!


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Pregnant chowhound w/food aversions needs help!

missliss | Sep 23, 2004 10:52 PM

Hi all. I'm a pregnant chowhound who had some serious food aversions 1st time around (fish, mushrooms, spinach), but this time around the aversions are lasting longer and they're more pervasive. I find that although I still enjoy those vitamin A/beta-carotene veggies (squash, carrots) and starchy ones, I'm averse to most things green. I force myself to eat leafy greens (that's the mildest stomach turner), but can't handle cruciferous veggies (broccoli is a particular baddie). Also can't abide by red meat or fish. Chicken and eggs are ok. The problem is that all I wanna eat is dairy and starchy stuff and fruit. I mean Ms Adventurous Eater wants only mac and cheese. And milkshakes. And fruit.

Any advice? Suggestions? What's worked for you or yours? Ideas for camoflaging the things that I should be eating that turn my stomach? And yes, I'm taking my multi-vitamin, but I want to feed myself and little fish #2 better than I have been.

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