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Your preference in Tines?


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Your preference in Tines?

orangewasabi | Jun 27, 2007 05:12 PM

My husband laughs at me because at home, there is one specific fork I like to use all the time. It is actually a salad fork i.e. slightly shorter than an entree fork and it has narrow tines. His name is Small Tines.

I detest beyond all reason forks with wide short tines, esp when there are only three tines and forks that are wider than they are long. So imagine how I feel about sporks.

My ideal fork is:
- 5 narrow tines on a narrow fork (4 times will do)
- tines 4-5 times as long as the back of the fork (the bit between the tines and the handle).
- a flat handle (not a round, square or significantly 3-D shape of any sort)
- pointy not dull tines

Only my husband knows of my weird fork issues. But I got to wondering, does anyone else have strong feelings about the shape of their fork and what are your preferences. And who on earth does like those 'modern' forks that are all back and 3 blunt tines with a piece of twig shaped metal for a handle?

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