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In Praise of Natto

Jessica E. | Nov 23, 200205:44 PM

The delightful fermented soybean! I was introduced to natto by a Japanese-American friend and instantly fell in love- with the flavor, the texture, and especially the special protein rush-like feeling that comes over me afterwards. There's nothing else quite like it.

I've always eaten it as my friend showed me: with a drop of shoyu, a touch of chinese mustard and a pickled plum or two on the side; cold over hot rice. Scoop it up with sheets of nori.

I've tried many brands from japanese markets...the single serving styrofoam tubs in the refrigerated section. Any brand seemed to do, the fewer additives the better. Being what it is though, it's pretty difficult to find natto packaged with any English details on it, so I'm painfully aware I am groping in the dark.

I am sure there's a great wealth of natto lore out there....different regional types, best brands to buy, restaurants that might make their own as a speciality, other ways of serving it.....Chowhounds- give me your natto knowledge!

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