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Praise for the Chowhound Message Boards.


Not About Food 6

Praise for the Chowhound Message Boards.

SizzlingJoe | Nov 30, 2005 10:00 PM

Hello fellow chowhounds,

A little praise for the fair and unbiased Chowhound message board, from a long time reader and more recent poster...

Last summer I helped a new restaurant open up. About three weeks into their opening, one of the young cashiers commented about what great reviews she'd found on the restaurant, on CitySearch.

I looked into it and it was thinly disguised "reviwe" advertising for their own place. Multiple emails to Citysearch came back unanswered.

To top it off, the owner asked me to place a few reviews myself for this place of business, and looked shocked when I said I didn't think that was ethical or honest.

I guess the moral of this story is to say two things... 1) Hurray for Chowhound!
2) Be leary of Citysearch reviews. This restaurant was a "sponsored" one, meaning they paid citysearch to be a featured listing.

And, as an occasional member of the industry, I always tread lightly and never shill any restaurant I'm working for... although I occasionally email posters off-line and mention what I know about it, but always letting them know upfront that I'm currently working at that place of business.

Now where is that link to help support Chowhound???

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