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Pour it like you hate the owner


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Pour it like you hate the owner

mao | Mar 20, 2007 11:39 AM

Last night a member of our group overrode one of our restaurant picks for dinner because
he despised the owner - he doesn't really know him personally, just by reputation through friends (supposedly not the nicest guy). This is a long-standing NYC place that has great food and good service.

ANOTHER pick was also overrode because one of our group "on more than once occasion" had witnessed the general manager of this establishment publicly dressing down an employee on the sidewalk in front of the people sitting on the patio (with words like "You're an effing idiot"). This place is also an NYC institution and the GM has been in her position for years. The food is definitely good, service is eh.

I've seen the threads asking how important service is and whether that's enough to keep you coming back when the other parts aren't as thrilling. My question is, do CHers ever withhold their support of a place for a reason like disliking the people who manage or own it despite how good the rest of it may be?

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