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Potlucks rule


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Potlucks rule

Betty | Oct 23, 2000 11:44 AM

There is nothing on this earth like a good pot luck supper in the fall. I have made it through three this week, the most amazing being when a friend of the family hosted his annual back- from-Alaska back yard cookout & potluck this weekend.
The Alaska part was fried halibut, smoked salmon, grilled salmon steaks and (drier than buffalo) moose patties. All the rest was Okie potluck, with three different types of corn dishes- the regular corn/cheese/sour cream casserole, a bowl of steaming hot cheese & garlic grits, and cornbread & bacon salad. Several different home made slaws, a platter of hashbrowns, at least two jello salads -the kind with shredded carrots, and the kind with bing cherries, and for dessert, homemade banana pudding, pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, and butterscotch meringue pie. All on a big screened-in porch in the rain.

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