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portland: coffee shop of my dreams?

amy3 | Mar 11, 200205:40 PM     4

I will be out in Portland for a week in late March. I'm bringing a ton of work with me and would like to find a comfortable place to do it. I'm looking for a coffee shop or diner, preferably in the SW area, but anywhere within a reasonable driving distance is fine (normally I'm willing to travel pretty far for good food/drink, but due to time constraints take 'reasonable' to mean 20 - 30 minutes).

More specifically, I'd like a place where it's okay to camp out with a book or laptop for a couple of hours. Either decent coffee or excellent espresso is a must. If they have no respect for those who have to drink decaf, it's no good. I can't have caffeine (which is incredibly inconvenient for a coffee lover).

A similar place with really excellent tea is an acceptable substitute. Any suggestions for either are very much appreciated... Info about what food is available there or whether I can bring my own would be very helpful as well.


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