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Portable Induction Cooktops as the only "Stove"?

shiny | Feb 11, 201209:33 AM

This is my first post here; I'm so glad to have found this forum. I've been lurking a long time, reading about induction cooktops and kitchen remodeling advice. Now I'd like your opinions, if you don't mind. Here's what I'm working with:

I live alone. My kitchen is quite small and it gets VERY HOT in the summer (Phoenix + mobile home + full afternoon sun). I've been trying to figure out ways to cool it off so it's more pleasant to work in there. The worst culprit is the gas range. The pilot light in the oven puts out a lot of heat even when it's not in use. When it's in use, the heat is unbearable.

Induction cooking sounded "cool" in more ways than one! I purchased a portable induction cooktop from Craigslist and love it, so much so that I've decided to get rid of the gas range entirely. I don't do much baking so won't miss the oven; a countertop oven will suffice for the rare times I bake. With the range gone there will be more working countertop, and cabinet space under the counter to store things like the crock pot and toaster oven.

I also got some beautiful Fissler pressure cookers. I figure using pressure cookers with induction cooktops will reduce cooking time and heat in the kitchen considerably.

Looking at the induction cooktop options, the built-in ones are expensive, expensive to install and expensive to repair when they break. I would need to rewire the kitchen for 220. When cooking, I have never used more than two burners at a time in my entire life. So my question is, is it crazy to consider having portable induction cooktops as my only "stove"?

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