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Pork Hocks and Pickled pigs feet


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Pork Hocks and Pickled pigs feet

sonnymooks | Oct 2, 2007 10:21 PM

I've always been a huge pork fan, but someone told me to try something different ( I don't know him well, and not to sure if I should listen to him). Its pork hocks, and or pickled pigs feet. I am kind of okay with trying them, but I am not even sure how you eat them. If you buy pickled pigs feet, do you have to fry them and or cook them, or can you eat them straight out of the jar (like pickles). Does the same thing go for Pork Hocks?

Anyone that can give me any information (Keep in mind, I live in NYC, I have no idea how this tastes, or how to even eat it, or what I would do, if I ordered online), I would really appreciate. I do have an interest in trying "pickled pigs feet" and "pork hocks", but I don't know how to order it, and if I do order it, what to do with it, and do I cook it, or just eat it out of the jar? Any answer or help is really appreciated.

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