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Pork hocks and feet - Long pig feet


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Pork hocks and feet - Long pig feet

fifi07 | Dec 2, 2007 07:06 AM

Hi folks,
I am an archaeologist working in Ireland and have come across a large group of pig bones containing just the hocks and feet from the front feet. This is not a traditional cut of meat here in Ireland - my local butcher, who is also a slaughterman had never heard of this cut, but nosing around the Chowhound website I found a few references to this cut, and saw people calling it 'long pig feet'. I was wondering if this cut is popular with any particular ethnic groups or if anyone has any traditional recipes as to what should be done with this cut? Boiling the feet themselves is a traditional recipe in Ireland called 'Crubeens'.

I would really appreciate any help - Thanks

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