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Pool Party - ideas and opinions sought


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Pool Party - ideas and opinions sought

danna | Jun 9, 2003 10:45 AM

I'm planning a pool party for July 4th. This year I'm hosting what is usually my Mom's family cook-out while she is remodling. 19 adults ranging 28-95, 3 toddlers. Pool open w/ drinks and apps at 5:00. Dinner at 7:00 outdoors, where it will still be daylight and blazing hot (unless it rains, of course).

Preliminary Menu:


Pastry Straws
Boiled Shrimp


Jerked Chicken
Sunwiches on Ciabatta


Baked Beans
Red White & Blue Potato Salad
Watermelon Gazpacho
mixed Berries
Summer Succotash
Pineapple Salsa (w/ Jerk Chicken)
Wheat Berry Salad


Layer Cake w/ lemon Curd and berries Brownies

My questions:

Anyone successfully made patato salad w/ blue potatoes? Look appetizing?

Anyone try the watermelon gazpacho that was in Martha Stewart last year (or any other wg recipe). Too weird? should I do normal g. instead?

Is it worth it to make a fancy condiment for the brats (maybe Flay's mango ketchup) or just give them a bottle of Heinz?

How many shrimp should I serve per person? (will i go broke?)

Any ideas on a change of pace for the beans? I'd like to do something w/ black beans instead, but I want this to be my one hot side dish.

Too many sides? Not enough? missing something?

Ill have beer and wine, but any ideas for some kind of festive punch? Sangria? Champagne punch? Mojitos? MAybe something that can be virgin or not? (17 Southern Baptists, 1 Methodist minister and 1 lonely Catholic...that means the younger generation will drink and their parents will stare at each other uncomfortably to see who dives in first)

Your suggestions, warnings, criticisms, advice, recipes, etc. all very welcomed. Thanks!

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