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Policy on posting about food someone hasn't eaten

rworange | Dec 12, 201106:43 PM

I know the rules are not set in stone. .

However, I'm starting to get annoyed by people who haven't tried something and then trash it.

Whien I invest the time, money and calories to try something, it seems rude when people who haven't tried it post about how horrible the food is.

I don't care if someone disagrees with my taste ... I even welcome that ... if they try it, but if not, IMO, they h ave nothing to say.

This is particularily true of chain food. Look at the Chow article about Wendy's new burger. A good percentage of the replies are by people who haven't tried it but seem compelled to express their disdain.

Then there are the people who haven't tried the food for decades and for some reason must report their hate.

There is a chian offering free fries and a poster wrote "I fell for their "new and improved" fries once... not sure if I want to risk it again"

Seriously? The last time the chain chainged their fries was in 1998. They are FREE for heavne's sake. WHAT risk? That if you don't like them you will throw them out and create landfill?>

I don't plan on reporting every post. I could care less about responses to Chow articles. However, can these types of posts be reported and deleted?

I started a new thread about the free fries because the exixting thread had almost a dozen responses about the change to the recipe ... and not one of those replies was from someone who actually tried the fries but needed to vent about anticipated trash.

Trashing food not eaten just isn't helpful, IMO.

The fries, btw, are as good as In-N-Out though a little more provcessed. I purposely did NOT mention the chain or link to that thread since this is not the board for that. I hope people won't dredge it up here and go to the chain board to offer comments ... if they TRIED them.

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