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Plastic Grocery Bag Ban - what do you do about meat?

thursday | Jun 1, 201209:53 PM

My city's bag ban begins next month, and while I applaud the environmental theory behind it, it's going to be incredibly annoying. I stop at the grocery store pretty much every other day for one or two things and I often forget my reusable bags since I don't think I'm going to be going to the store that day - only I get the text from husband that we're out of food for the dog, and off I stop on the way home.

Our dog eats raw, which means I'm usually buying meat on these little jaunts, so even when I bring my own bags, that's the one item I use their plastic bags for. At the farmer's market, I bag my strawberries because they stain everything. I don't want meat leaking through paper bags onto my car, or spreading e. coli to my resuables....if you exclusively bring your own bags, what do you do about meat and foods that stain? And, related, with what do you pick up your dog poop? =)

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