Plastic Food Storage Issues: Dry Goods going rancid or stale

VFish | Mar 29, 202105:53 PM     33

I think plastic storage has made some rice go rancid. Here are two. I had Basmati rice in a similar type of container that I had recycled for storage and opened it and it smelled rancid. I had cooked some not that long ago but it wasn't noticeable or I didn't lean in to smell. I think it tasted all right when cooked but it was also eaten with sauce. Then I checked these other two in the picture and they smell rancid. My jasmine, long grain, and nishiki all smell fine in their original bags.

So, I thought maybe it's this type of plastic, it's not as hard as the hard plastic storage but here's this.

I've been trying to organize things. Started with some Oxo containers from a Costco deal to organize dry snacks. Noticed chips and pretzels went stale within a week or two. I was determined to keep them so I got these desiccant packs to keep in them. They work for about a week or so then I have to recharge in the oven it seems.

I have just gotten new rice storage containers from The Container Store. Now I am concerned about storing rice in them. Rice shouldn't go bad. I tried a search, some say brown rice and the arborio can go rancid, but the rest should be fine. I don't know if I need to throw a desiccant in these rice storage containers either. I've also just transferred some dry pasta to two of the smaller Oxo containers for the pantry.

I'd rather not have to put a desiccant in these but what is the deal with these plastic storage containers and things going bad faster? Does anyone else have these issues? Does anyone else have solutions?

I'm in Ohio and there is no humidity issues going on either at this time of year and this storage is in the kitchen, not the basement either.

ETA: We have a dehumidifier in the basement as well. Also, my flour seems to be doing fine without smell in the Progressive flour container.

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