Plant Rhubarb


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Plant Rhubarb

Querencia | Apr 18, 2009 07:47 PM

I am on a mission to encourage rhubarb, which I find an astonishing number of people have never tasted. You start a bed by digging a big hole, filling it with good mature, and planting rhubarb roots. Thereafter, you will have a supply of rhubarb every spring for fifty years and your bed will keep getting bigger. Don't eat the leaves; they are poisonous. The stems look like pink celery. Cut them into chunks, add a little water and sugar, and stew quietly for 10-15 minutes then use as you would applesauce. The color will be beautiful. Variously you can make pies with rhubarb, mix it with strawberries, or make all kinds of desserts. It's not a fruit but tastes like one. A rhubarb bed gives you something to depend on in life. BTW rhubarb right now in Chicago costs $7.99 lb: grow your own and beat the luxury market rap.

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