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The Best Plain Non-Fat Yogurt Brands, Redux.

Sunshineness | Apr 22, 200810:26 PM

I found this thread and found a lot of helpful suggestions: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/414523 .

But my yogurt-hunt isn't finished. I've recently decided to weed out chemical-ly foods from my diet, and I'm at a halt when it comes to this cremey food staple. Yesterday I begrudingly bought Plain Non-Fat La Yogurt yogurt at my local supermaket, which would be fine -- if it weren't for the "non-fat milk-solids". I don't want milk-solids, pectin, or worse, ingredient names I can't even pronounce in my yogurt. Unfortuneately, given my choices there, it beat out it's competitors.

Essentially I'm looking for a tub of non-fat, plain yogurt with no other ingredients (except the live active bacterial cultures).

Fage is one (and delicious, too), but it's so expensive.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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