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plagued by tipping - delivery


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plagued by tipping - delivery

pinstripeprincess | Nov 1, 2007 04:15 PM

so i sit here awaiting a delivery of food and it suddenly occured to me that i might've been going about this tipping thing all wrong. i do tip, that's not the issue... but who am i really tipping?

most of the time i pay for it via credit card and sign for it at the door. it's so convenient to write down a tip on the bill i have to sign anyway rather than give the delivery guy some cash i might not even have. but, who is really getting that tip?

considering it's a a credit card slip that goes right back to the resto, the delivery person may never see it and the resto will be taking the tip as their own. so must i always tip in cash to make sure he gets what's right? is there some tipping out system with regards to delivery that is unbeknownst to me?

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