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Places bug - can't correct typo in restaurant name

AnneInMpls | Mar 10, 200810:34 AM

In Places, when I try to correct a typo in a restaurant's name, it creates a new entry with the original typo. (The original entry says "Raja'SI Mahal", but it's "Raja's Mahal".)

Here's what I did - I edited the place to correct the title and add the web site. After saving, a duplicate entry was created with the typo. I marked that one as "DUPLICATE" in the title, and got another copy with the typo. And so on. I wised up after four copies. (I'm a slow learner.)

Worse, I can't access the corrected entry in a post - the "Link to a Place" search won't find the original corrected entry, but only the latest one with the typo.

Here are the links:

Original with my corrections (which doesn't appear in a Places search):

The copies:


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