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Pizza place in Rome - needle in the haystack!

njfoodies | May 21, 2008 11:55 AM

This is a total shot in the dark I know, but we dined at a restaurant in Rome that had the most amazing pizza. I want to say it was within a few blocks of the Spanish Steps, however, I cannot say for sure. Things that might help identify this restaurant:

It was located on a pretty quiet street, off the main drag. I know, this doesn't help. It had an ally off of it where they had tables set up. If you were looking at the restaurant head on, the ally would be to the left. The thing that might help make this place identifiable: when you looked down the ally, the tables were located on the right hand side, up next to the restaurant. At the end of the ally was a place, with a slight decline that led to a garage like door that I think rolled up. Inside this building was a mens clothing store, that looked like they sold custom made suits...almost like they were selling them out of a garage, but they were all hanging, and in a travel bag of sorts.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I'd love to identify it as we loved it on our honeymoon back in 2006, and would love to re-visit.

Thanks a million, and thanks in advance! -mJ

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