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Pizza peel technique question


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Pizza peel technique question

Guy | Aug 12, 2003 10:50 PM

I've been working diligently to improve my pizza crust making skills the past few months, and have made great strides. Using a pizza stone has been a huge improvement, but I'm still not 100% with my technique of depositing the raw pizza on the stone. I have an aluminum peel, and dust it with a fair amount of flour. The dough slides around freely when first put on the peel, but after the sauce and cheese are added it's more difficult to get it to move easily. The amount of shaking needed to dislodge the pizza from the peel often causes the cheese and sauce to shift around and sometimes spill onto the stone creating a predictable mess.

When you watch the chefs in a real pizzeria, they seem able to slide the pizza into the ovens with virtually no effort. It's like velvet sliding off teflon, despite their pizzas being much larger and heavier than mine.

No, I'm not loading down the pie with excessive sauce and cheese. Also I'd hate to use more dusting flour because I dislike an overly floury crust, and I'm already using a bit more flour than I like in this regard. And my dough is well-formed, not moist and sticky.

So what's the secret? Is a wooden peel more "slippery" than an aluminum one? Is there a magic technique I'm lacking?

Thanks for any advice!


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