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pizza on barbeque: reportback

kate | Sep 17, 200505:17 PM

Well, I did it yesterday. I was very pleased with the results. I made two pizzas: one was diced plum tomatoes, mozzarella, red onion and sausage, and the other was tomatoes, sliced brie and red onion. The crust was relatively thin, and cooked surprisingly easily.

I made pizza dough very quickly based on the EPI recipe listed below. I used my fingers to push the dough into two circles, and chose not to 'rest' the pizza crusts, because I like them thin and crisp, not fat and bread-like. I put them on the grill, turned them, put toppings on, then removed to plates.

Here are some tips I plan to follow next time I do this:

1. Make sure the coals are even, and there are no flames that jump up.

2. Have all your ingredients/plates ready alongside the barbeque.

3. A big spatula with assisting tongs make good flipping utensils

4. I rubbed the grill with a raw onion before putting the pizzas on; I do this with meat, too, as it prevents sticking.

5. The pizzas cook FAST. The recipe I was using spoke about putting the pizza bases on, and closing the barbeque lid for four minutes, etc. I ended up flipping after just one minute, altohugh this might be due to the thinness of my crusts.

6. Thinly sliced brie melted better than mozzarella, and had a stronger flavour, which was needed, given the smokiness of the crust.

7. Eat immediately. we waited a bit, and the crust lost its crispness and went soggy in the middle.

One thing I will look into is more interesting pizza crusts. the recipe for this one gave an easy, great white crust, but I feel like a mixture of flours, a dusting of semolina - things like that might improve the finished product.

Thanks for the tips, everyone. I will be doing this again soon.

Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

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