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applehome | Mar 12, 2006 11:24 PM

Very interesting extract in this week's The Week magazine. The extract was from The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine by Steven Rinella - I'm going to have to buy this book.

I have seen several pigeon recipes - I understand that they are pretty tough and quite pungent, and need to be braised for a long time - this never sounded very appetizing to me. Steven quotes Escoffier who said that squab (young pigeon, which have never flown and are fattened) are very different - tender and tasty. The French ought to know, as they apparently brought these things to the New World as food.

Steven went through a significant adventure in catching and raising his own pigeons so that he could raise young pigeons to the right specifications - but the results were apparently worth it. He made Escoffier's piggeonaux cappadine finished with diable sauce, and said that they were tender and sweet, "a new taste altogether".

Apparently some birds sold as squab in the US are actually Cornish Game Hens (small chicken) and not pigeon, but I'm curious now - I'll have to start looking for a real squab source... after I buy and read this book (who knows what other goodies it contains)!

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