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Pig Tale -- The Innocence of children


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Pig Tale -- The Innocence of children

GG Mora | Jul 10, 2002 10:02 AM

This is only tangentially food-related and I suppose could start an exponentially expanding thread as everyone tosses in their own tale, so I'll understand if it gets deleted...but I just gotta share this:

My brother was recently on a road trip with his family when they passed an enormous livestock truck full of pigs. His 4-yr. old daughter asked "Dad, why are they taking those pigs for a ride in that truck?" and he, never wanting to B.S. his kids, told her that they were probably taking them away to make bacon.

"They make bacon from pigs?" she asked.


"Do they have to kill them?"

"I'm afraid so."

(Long pause)

"Why do they have to kill the pigs? Why don't they just go to the store and BUY the bacon?"

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