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mistiven | Jan 7, 2013 11:50 AM

Recently got a book on pickling. The book, similarly to other places on the internet, warn not to alter the recipe do to risk of reducing acidity resulting in botulism. What it didn't bother to say is what the minimum level of acidity was necessary (or whether that varied by what was being pickled). It does mention that vinegar used should have a minimum acidity of 5.0.

In any case, I do not want to do long term pickling (i.e. fermentation type pickling). I only wish to be able to pickle items/make chutneys to keep for a few days if not to serve immediately. Thus it seems to me that acidity is not relevant unless there is a risk of botulism related to submerging vegetables in liquid even after a few days.

I am hoping someone can give me guidelines to creating pickling recipes i.e. minimum acidity (and whether or not this varies per vegetable used), proportions of sugar to vinegar, if that varies depending on the type of vinegar, a base set of spices, how long I can keep something in liquid without fearing botulism. Thanks.


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