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Philosophy on Thanksgiving


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Philosophy on Thanksgiving

sunshinedrop | Nov 7, 2006 03:14 PM

I am trying to decide what to prepare for thanksgiving dinner this year and I'm having a philosophical quandry. Is thanksgiving more about celebrating the first thanksgiving...the pilgrims giving thanks for their new land, feasting with the indians, etc. or is it more about what we are thankful for now, spending time with our families and our family traditions? I'm trying to decide whether to include dishes that were possibly at the first thanksgiving, but that may mean that some of the family traditional favorites may go by the wayside. We are a family of hunters so it would be easy for us to incorporate a wild turkey, venison and possibly some wild fowl, like in the first thanksgiving, but there were no sweet potatoes, no green bean casserole and no pie at the origional thanksgiving. Would it take away from the experience to not have these staples? Is it about the origional thanksgiving or about our own thanksgiving?

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