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Petit Fours Misadventures II, The Wrath of Canelé

souschef | Aug 30, 201009:04 PM     200

The fearless Pilinut started a thread just over a month ago, on her trials and tribulations with baking canelés, the little cakes from Bordeaux that are so difficult to make. A number of people joined in the thread, till it grew to an unprecedented 400+ posts. She and I decided that we need a part two thread so that it loads faster, and to reduce scrolling, so this is it.

I like to think that in the discussion on the last thread we formed the crew of a virtual starship, where each person assumed a role based loosely on Star Trek, and appropriately, Part II is named after The Wrath of Khan.

Without meaning to sound corny, this virtual team's mission is to seek out new recipes and baking techiniques, and to boldly go where no Bordelais has gone before. Was that a groaner ?

Just so that newcomers know who's who, the team can be introduced as follows:

In terms of doers, there are 3 crew members on this team:

Pilinut, our fearless Captain, she who buys vanilla from Manila, her home world. She took the lead in starting the previous thread, baring her soul about successes and failures, but at all times in control of this difficult assignment. She has been a source of inspiration to us all. She has admitted to nightmares about this mission, but has surmounted them. We all look up to her, but are unsure if we would trust her with hot waxing our cars !

Trewq, the Borger Queen, First Officer. She has so far been the most successful on this mission, but at a cost, that of damaging her hands. She can easily be identified by the oven gloves she wears at all times. She is an itinerant, who has been known to troll the streets of Montreal in search of canelés and other delectables. If she confesses to a liking for chocolate the location of a superb shop will be revealed to her.

Souschef, Chief Engineer, who insists on measuring everything, to the amazement of some crew members, and perhaps the chagrin of others who lack measuring instruments.

Other crew members are the following:

Caroline1, Counsellor, who tries to keep us sane by doling out sage advice, and calling us to task when necessary.

Buttertart, visiting Vulcan dignitary, who is skeptical that the mission will be a success, and who is taking a wait-and-see approach before diving into the primeordial soup that is canelé-making. She does, however, provide a valuable service.

Chef Chicket, who unknowingly goaded Souschef into making canelés. She did not return from an away mission to locate molds used for making canelés. We all eagerly await her return.

Bushwickgirl, who is AWOL.

And last, but by no means least, imagine if you will a boat where all occupants are rowing, with the exception of one, who is sitting at the back, feet up and arms crossed. When asked why she is not rowing, she responds, "I'm a consultant". So we had to come up with a unique title, unknown before at Starfleet, that of "Consultant", which belongs to Cynsa, she who was tossed into the primeordial soup for not rowing, but was welcomed back at a later date.

Honorable mention must go to Gaetano, who posted valuable advice, then disappeared. Wish we had listened to his advice at the start.

There you have it, the principal players. There have been a number of other posters who have posted brief comments, and some who have since disappeared.

Will this mission ever be successful? Never ! As long as the human being thrives on challenge we will all look for that perfect canelé, not withstanding comments by "irritating guy" that he has already found the perfect one, or a demonstration by "manhandling lady" on how to beat them into submission.

Let the saga continue !

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