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pet peeves for other 'foodies'

DukeFan | Apr 6, 2014 12:30 PM

just had a dinner last night with a lovely couple who are really into food. They aren't on chowhound, but they might as well be.

That said, there were a couple things I noticed about dining with them that irked me a little and realized that these type of things bother me when

- saying that you have an issue with your palate just because you dont care for a certain dish. (e.g. in my case, fois gras, ill tried it, i just dont like the flavor or texture and really dont feel like trying it anymore. my wife similarly doesn't like escargot for similar reasons.)

- asking way too many questions to the waitstaff about an item you have no intention of ordering

does anyone else have similar issues when dining with other Hound types?

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