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The Perfect Martini

eatapotamusNola | Nov 7, 2017 09:20 PM

1. Scrub the entire inside and rim of the glass with an unpeeled lemon to smear the lemon oil on the glass (being very careful not to press too hard or you’ll end up with broken glass in your fingers)
2. In a shaker filled with cubes: Two oz very good vodka, One oz very dry gin (such as Beefeater or Bombay), capful of Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth, scant splash of orange bitters;
3. Stir vigorously and strain into glass, adding rinsed olive (and NO olive juice—dirty martinis make for sodium swollen ankles and late night dry mouth, not to mention ruining good booze);
4. Cut a swath of lemon rind, twisting over the surface of the drink evenly, watching for the “spritz” of lemon oil; drop in twist;
5. Drink very cold, retossing in the shaker if need to rechill.

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