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Pepper (and salt) mill buying guide for newbie


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Pepper (and salt) mill buying guide for newbie

Strangette | Sep 30, 2007 04:13 AM

Hope this is the appropriate board to place this question.

I've finally understood the meaning of pepper. Being economical (read: poor student), I always relied on ground pepper (read: McCormick's) in my cooking. Fast, cheap, and efficient (or so I thought).

Now that I know just how mesmerizing the smell of whole peppercorns is, I am on the quest to find that worthy pepper mill. Obviously, I've never owned one so all thoughts and experience are welcomed.

I've looked around the net to check the brands, prices, and reviews but have failed to make a decision. Many of the reviews tend to be quite short, so I really don't get any insights on the small things that make the difference between one brand and another. So I thought you guys could help more. Replies I've found on this board are generally by far more informative in decision making.

If you don't mind, I'd like to know which pepper mill do you have and how it has worked out for you?

Oh, and are electric pepper mills worth it?

Thank you!

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