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Why do people so often claim that Cheese has to be eaten with something else?

ShowUsYourRack | Jan 31, 201405:32 PM

I often see, hear or read here or elsewhere that people damn near have to eat Cheese along with not just a beverage, but also "crackers" or some type of "snacking" meat, ya know? I for one don't always believe that that's necessary. As examples someone might say/believe "you've gotta eat Jarlsberg with crackers" or "there is no way (better) to eat Cheddar than to pair it with meat cubes", right?

Sure, it is nice having a deluxe Burger paired with a nice Cheese or to mix up some sort of Cheese(s) in another tasty recipe, but Cheese doesn't always have to go with something as far as I'm concerned. Is (good or quality) Cheese actually bad if it's not paired with a "snacking" meat or crackers anyways? I, quite frankly, don't think so! I like Cheese alone more often that not, as I can then experience its "true" flavor in all its glory, ya see? That's as important & vital as I could imagine it would ever be on realizing whether or not a Cheese is preferable or even good at all when you really take everything into account.

In the end, you all can say or do whatever you want, but I definitely feel it necessary to comment on whether or not it's actually mandatory to eat cheese ONLY with something else. I can see that perhaps at first, yet not practically all the time, ya know? I take a look back at when I was first trying not just a few different Cheeses, but Cheese in general & it was quite a task to take in & enjoy because of how pungent & intense its flavor & smell can be, yet I eventually found my way(s) around it. I'd simply put a few different types of Cheese in a small bowl & to hopefully prevent throwing it up I'd instantly take a few bites of some Pepperoni or a Blueberry Bagel, ya know? Now, then I considered it a good idea & somewhat important having some Pepperoni or the Blueberry Bagel alongside to hopefully keep me from throwing up, yet I definitely DON'T need that anymore. Why, if at all, do some of you believe that it's so important or even recommend always pairing Cheese along with a beverage & something else? Please let it all out.

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